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Property Management Services

Provide Monthly Accounting

Owners receive detailed monthly statements with current month and year to date income and expense analysis. A year-end summary along with a 1099 form is provided to each property owner for tax reporting purpose.

Enjoying Reasonable Fees

Norris Management offers property management services for a percentage of collected rents. If you don't get paid we don't get paid! There are no referral fees, commissions, or other hidden costs to the owner. Vacancy rates for Norris Management properties are substantially lower that the average vacancy rates for southern Arizona.

Attracting Qualified Tenants

Attracting tenants in the Casa Grande Valley is accomplished through a variety of marketing strategies. We advertise in local publications (newspapers, etc.) and placed signs on the property locations. Vacancies are also advertised right here on our web page.

In addition to the above direct marketing devices we enjoy the benefits of referrals from a number of Realtors. Our other affiliations include:

  • Casa Grande Chamber of Commerce
  • Arizona City Chamber of Commerce
  • NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers)
  • WPAR (Western Pinal Association of Realtors)

Arranging Maintenance and Repairs

To keep maintenance costs to a minimum, Norris Management provides an in-house maintenance crew for general repairs and minor problems. If necessary, licensed contractors are retained for major repairs such as air conditioning, heating, electrical and/or plumbing. Except in an emergency, property owners are notified in advance of any repair that might exceed $200. AT the time of lease signing, tenants are given an emergency maintenance phone number (520-560-7234 or toll free 1-877-326-2056) where we can be reached 24 hours a day.

Collecting Rents and Deposits

It is always our goal to collect rents in a timely manner. Tenants who have not paid their rent by the 5th of the month are sent a late notice. Generally rents are brought current by the 10th of the month. However, Norris Management will take appropriate action as necessary to evict delinquent tenants. Although evictions are rare, removal of delinquent tenants are almost always accomplished within 30 days.

Starting Property Management Service

Give us a call at 520-836-2056 or toll free 1-877-326-2056 or visit us at 816 West Gila Bend Hwy A- 1, Casa Grande, AZ (map). We will, upon your direction, do a property evaluation and walk through to determine pricing and marketing strategies that best suit your property. After the property analysis has been completed we will prepare a management agreement for your signature and proceed according to your instructions.


As Casa Grande valley's largest and best property management company, we have built a reputation for providing owners and tenants with fair and efficient service. Our goal is to maximize owner revenue, maintain the integrity and value of our owner's properties while providing quality and value for our residential and commercial tenants. We manage a broad range of residential properties and several commercial units for retail, office or warehouse use.