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Client Testimonials on Norris Managment's Quality Service..

Jason and I would like to thank you and your staff for your help and professionalism. We would definitely recommend you to others. We look forward to working with you in regards to our home.

- Nancy & Jason Crockett
When I first decided to turn my home into a rental, I wanted to take care of the property myself. I also considered hiring a property manager, but was hesitant to forfeit 10% of my profit. I finally decided to hire Norris Management. Working with Larry over the last few years has been great. The most rewarding part is collecting a rent check every month without have to deal with my tenants.

- Clint Pachl
Phoenix , AZ
We have been trying to sell my house since August but have been unsuccessful so far. We decided the best thing to do would be to try and rent it. The only way i would rent it is if you were the property manager as it would obviously be too difficult for me since I am in California.

- Al Gugenberger
Susanville, CA
I want to commend whoever does your clean up and repairs because they did a remarkable job, eve the Realtor made a comment about it being very clean

- Kevin Pate
Casa Grande, AZ
I think we need to keep the tenant happy so please repair the cheapest way. A plumber will have to bring it up to code right also so wouldn't a plumbers price be much higher than yours? I trust your knowledge and experience to repair the pipe the least expensive way. Thanks for keeping me updated.

- Richard Ashley
Huntington Beach, CA
Larry Lenderman & Staff: We would like to extend our Thanks and appreciation for all the expert care and concern you have given us. We appreciate the fact that you Larry Lenderman have put together a staff who are such a tremendous asset to you business, as well as the clients. You quickly returned our previous house deposit with absolutely NO hassle! Your office manager Dana is ALWAYS so polite even under the most stressful situations. From taking care of our needs as well as making extra trips on initial renting of property, just to measure this and that. Always with a smile. So Larry please accept our grateful thanks and appreciation for just being you and your wonderful organization.

- Robert and June Cleaver
Casa Grande, AZ
Thanks for all your help these last four years because at least I didn't have to worry about my house in AZ as Norris Management took care of everything. I've had people tell me "why do you have a property manager?" For me the decision was easy, as I'm 800 miles away and I've noticed your repairs on my property are very reasonable, much more reasonable than I could obtain my own, and your follow up with my tenant has been excellent. I appreciate all your efforts.

- Kathryn Lamphier
Haywood, CA