Reasons Why You Should SIGN UP To Receive More Information about Management!

24/7 Emergency Line

Do you receive late night or weekend phone calls for repairs? You will no longer have the burdens of an emergency. The emergency line is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Property Marketing & Advertising

We market your property throughout 30+ rental websites, our company website and social media. You will no longer have the stress of vacancies or multiple showings.

Quality Tenants

Tenant turnover rate can affect your pockets. We will make sure your tenant has a reputable rental history, worthy credit score and expected income. We offer a no cost application for prospective tenants.


Are you receiving HOA, city or county violations for tenants? At Norris, we are proactive by performing a drive-by inspection every 3 months.

NO Hassle Evictions

With our quality tenant track record, evictions are fewer and farther. If you must evict a tenant we take the burden by completing all paperwork, serving notices and attending court.

Online Portal

With a touch of a finger you have access to your lease information, documents, property inspections, photos and more.

Traditional Fees, low cost!

No Hidden Fees or Contract Increases.

Management Fee Starting at $50/ month