FAQs: Owners

Norris Management always seeks to provide the best property management service and owner care.

Below you'll find answers the some of the most common questions we receive. Do you have a specific question? We're here for you! Call us at 520-836-2056

1. How will I receive updates about my property?

We want you to stay in touch but don’t want to burden you with the day to day. Rest assured, we will keep the frequency of contact well-balanced. Should we need to update you about your property we will contact you via e-mail and through your owner’s portal page. 

2. How do you screen tenants for my property?

Our tenant screening process includes a credit check, background check, confirmation of income and references. If a potential tenant doesn’t pass any one of these checks we don’t extend a leasing offer to them. This ensures only quality tenants occupy your property and reduces stress.

3.How will I receive payments?

Payments will be distributed through ACH, direct deposit, or by certified mail. Please inform our leasing specialists of your payout preference when you sign up for services. 

4. How are maintenance costs handled?

Norris Management provides in-house maintenance for most general repairs and fixes. Should a repair cost more than $300 then our maintenance team will reach out to you to come up with a solution.  

5. What are the fees for using Norris Management’s Property Management Services?

Norris Management offers property management services for a percentage of collected rents. Residential management fees are at 10% and commercial properties include a 2% commission. 

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